Curl Care Love Letters
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Curl Care Love Letters

February is typically a month full of mushy, ooey-gooey love stricken everything. From “I love you bae” to “I love you furbaby” to “I love napping and binge watching This Is Us”. Everyone is expressing some form of love and we have been shown some serious love lately.
We decided it was time to share (mostly brag) about some of Curl Keeper’s testimonials, blog posts and vlogs!

Youtube-Bianca Renee

A sensational curly haired youtuber who has worked with us several times and fell head over heels in love with our Curl Keeper Gel. See her video “The Best Gel for Curly Hair” review here!

Facebook Review

“Curl Keeper has really stunned me. I rarely use hairspray now, which I love. My curls are fairly smooth, soft and bouncy. If I fluff my hair, my curls keep their shape and I can get a second day of wearing my hair down by fluffing with my fingers or spraying with water and diffusing”- Rachel J. Review

“I have been using Curl Keeper for several years now. I absolutely LOVE this product! I had tried everything out there for my very fine curly hair (aka frizzy). I have never looked back since finding Curl Keeper. I have thrown every other product out from my bathroom cabinets and I’m not even tempted to try anything new that I might see. I love the control that it gives, the definition in my ringlet curls and the best part is I can get 3-4 days out of one wash- Janet

Instagram Product Selfies & Video Reviews-Kathlyn Celeste

Beauty and fashion Instagram influencer Kathlyn Celeste makes a point to show Curl Keeper love through her gorgeous selfies and videos of styling tutorials- well we love you too girl!

If you don’t have a Valentine, be ours! We will make you fall in love with us and your curls!