20 years of loving your curls!
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20 years of loving your curls!

Curly Hair Solutions® is thrilled to celebrate what will be the company’s 20th anniversary this March.

To kick off festivities and, of course, celebrate in style, Curly Hair Solutions® we will launch a complimentary sampling program across a number of colleges and universities in the US.

“The sampling program was designed to empower young curlies to make informed choices about their hair care routine. That, and, what better way to celebrate than sharing our tried and true products with curly consumers near and far!” says Jonathan Torch, Curly Hair Solutions® founder.

And the festivities don’t stop there. For the entire month of March, Curly Hair Solutions® will offer unprecedented online discounts on many of your favourite products; it is birthday time after all and those tresses deserve something special.

In honour of our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we have dedicated a page on our site where we will feature special deals, sampling tour dates, infographics, and much more.