5 Tips to get the most
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5 Tips to get the most "spring' in your curls!

If you're looking to add extra bounce and "spring" in your hair , here are 5 tips that could be game changers in your routine. 

  1. Use the right pH balanced shampoo. Your shampoo should be able remove the buildup thats occurs when heavy ingredients accumulate on the hair and scalp .Look for products that show their pH levels.  If you want bouncy curls, we suggest your shampoo to have a pH of 4.5-5.  
  2. Use less conditioner. We all love that silky smooth feeling of conditioner on our hair but If your hair is fine, it will weigh down easily, and that will prevent bounce and definition.  If your curls are fine, use only a small amount (quarter-size max) of lightweight conditioner after a good thorough shampooing.  We suggest water-based conditioners with a pH of 3.5-4 that are formulated for curly hair as they deposit necessary moisture without leaving residue. 
  3. Detangle your curls for definition and bounce. Detangling allows your curls to be washed, conditioned, and styled more thoroughly allowing products to penetrate all of those in-between spots that get missed when we don't detangle. An essential step for maximum bounce!
  4. Learn how your hair grows and falls. Where does your hair part naturally? Are you thinning at the crown?  Does your hair flatten or loosen during sleep or after a long day?  There are products to address all of those issues with minimal effort!  Brushes that allow you to manipulate your hair growth direction and to re-train your curls to form at the root, sprays that add volume at the crown or part for a fuller look, clips that add loads of volume by preventing heavy wet hair from loosening curls, and most importantly, styling products that eliminate frizz for maximum curl definition and bounce!
  5. Scrunch out the crunch - but don't overdo it!  There is science to all of this. Essentially movement creates volume. So scrunching out the crunch to remove a product caste is great to soften curls, add volume, and add soft springy bounce... BUT excessive movement (or over-scrunching dry curls) will create frizz and lessen curl definition. It's a delicate balance of how much movement is required while you’re styling.  So, get to know your curls!
We hope this helps you get the most from your curls in the coming months.  Happy Spring!🌼 🌸