A Guide to Camping with Curls
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A Guide to Camping with Curls

Why not plan a weekend with Mother Nature in the great outdoors? Marshmallows roasting by the fire, stunning sunsets and a warm breeze gently floating through my hair – nothing can beat it!

For curlies though, camping can be nightmare. No electricity, water or a countertop to hold our mounds of hair products?!? Fear not – no one should be denied nature’s beauty because of their curl type. Depending on whether you’re a rough and tumble camper or more of a glamper (glamourous camper), there’s a curly hair solution for you. Read on to find your camper profile and our mini guide to keeping your curls looking fabulous.

Camper Profile #1: Diva in the Sun

Whether you’re glamping in a villa or have been forced into camping by your nature enthusiast friends, you would rather be gabbing with your hairdresser than fighting with Mother Nature.

Just because you’re in the middle of nowhere does not mean your curls can’t look fantastic! While you can’t bring your whole arsenal of tools, pack sample sizes of the essentials: Silk Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Keeper Original, and a brush. Then, before you leave, do a full wash and style (using Curl Keeper Original of course!) so your curls will look good and only get better on second and third day hair. On the fourth day, hit the showers using shampoo only if necessary. Otherwise, wet your hair, brush the conditioner through and finish by using your hands to apply Curl Keeper Original and let the sun dry your hair. No outlet, no problem!

Camper Profile #2: Curled-up under the Stars

While you don’t want your hair to look like a bird’s nest (who knows who you’ll meet on your nature hike?), you want to spend more time staring into the stars than into a mirror.

Keep it simple and wash your hair before you leave and apply a generous portion of Curl Keeper Original. To maintain your curls overnight while camping, use the pineapple method (gathering all your hair on the top of your head and loosely securing with an elastic band) or sleep in a satin bonnet. This, combined with the Curl Keeper, should ward off unwanted frizz The next morning, shake out your curls and simply mist any frizzy areas with water to reactivate the product that’s already in your hair.

Camper Profile #3: YOLO Curls!

You learned to crawl inside a tent and have commanded the loyalty of small woodland animals. When you’re out camping (which is often), you basically say YOLO (you only live once) and don’t want to worry about your hair.

For low maintenance curly hair care, try braiding or twisting your hair using Curl Keeper Styling Cream to keep the style in place. Bring a satin scarf or bonnet to protect your braids overnight. Alternatively, make besties with a hat, which has the added benefit of sun protection. YOLO!

No matter what kind of camper you are, enjoy your time in the sun while it’s still here!