Back To School: Pro Tips For Each Curl Type
Curl Maintainance

Back To School: Pro Tips For Each Curl Type

Who says you should leave good hair days at home? While you're adding essentials like notebooks and new pencils to your back to school list, don’t forget some classroom-friendly beauty supplies that will take you all the way to last period in style. Here are some of our TOP curl tips for all day definition, hydration and humidity control. Talk about too curl for school!


Thinner hair can often lack hydration and shine - leaving curls dull and dry. To keep hair shiny and smooth, apply a couple of spritzes of lightweight oil designed for curls through your wet or dry hair...your hands will benefit from this treatment too! Dry Oil Elixir features Omega 3, 6, and 9 - perfectly blended to moisturize, soothe, and nourish scalp and strands. 

Add mega shine and hydration to curls in between periods! This will combat split ends while keeping hair (and hands) super-soft. Yes please! This is also a GREAT way to scrunch out the crunch! The best way to avoid over application? Spray Dry Oil Elixir in between your palms and scrunch. This helps keeps curls looking healthy rather than greasy.  


Screen-Shot-2021-06-15-at-9-30-08-AMDon't bother setting an extra alarm. By drying and styling at the same time, you can cut your morning routine in half, making time for what you REALLY need to get done (like those last minute assignments) !

Leave those giant bulky towels in the bathroom: they tug on hair, causing unnecessary breakage, damage and wasted time!  These gloves dry hair 20X faster than a towel!  Perfect for dorm rooms where time and space are VERY valuable. Our BIGGEST curly time saving secret would be Quick Dry Styling Gloves. Made of micro-fiber cloth, so you can scrunch your curls with minimal damage, and maximum dry speed. Wash day has never been so fun!


Microfiber gloves for curlsLooking for on the go hydration and curl definition?With the right products, your coily curly hair will be defined, soft, and shiny for days! Our number one tip for your curl type would be moisture and hydration. We can NOT stress enough: the more moisture used in the styling process, the easier it will be to style. We recommend a extra hold styling cream filled with protein to help soften rough hair.  Apply Styling Cream wet hair, comb through, and let air dry.  For all day easy curl maintenance, throw some lightweight curl cream, like Tweek in your bookbag to keep mid-day flyaways at bay.  This way, your curls will be no match to humidity, movement and chasing the bus! 

Whats your go-to school style tip for all day curls?