Night Time Curl Care Routine
Curl Maintainance

Night Time Curl Care Routine

By Lilas Mia –

With the summer break coming to an end and back-to-school preparations fast approaching,  it’s a perfect time to start simplifying and maximizing the benefits of our hair care routines.

Daytime protective styles are crucial as we know, but do you practice safe night time routines? Here are some simple styles that can be done under 5 minutes for ready-to-go morning hair !

  • Flat twist prevents tangles and matting which can lead to major breakage. This first method is good for styles that only need partial stretched hair and effective in creating waves for overnight protective transitioning styles.

If you have a busy week ahead, corn rows might be more suitable as it’s tighter and will last a couple of days. It’s also very versatile: in the morning, you can throw on a hat, a headscarf or, to achieve an entirely new style, you can add clip ins, crochet hair or a wig. When taken out, you will have a smooth and stretched style, similar to flat twists.

  • Fishtail braids can help you achieve the perfect beachy waves overnight. Try single, double (pictured) or even triple fishtails for more body and volume !

  • Pineapple is one of the most popular nighttime hairstyles. If you don’t know how to do any of the above or simply having a lazy night and you want a quick and fast way to put your hair up, this is the one. It’s so efficient and easy, all you do is grab a stretched-out or loose hair-tie and throw your hair in a high ponytail. This will protect your set texture and add volume.

Also, with the help of a satin head scarf tied loosely (very important!) just above your forehead, it can also help in preserving curly styles like twist-outs, bantu knot outs, flexi rod sets etc. If your curls have already been stretched out, try a high messy bun to preserve your ends for getting tangled overnight.

  • Bonnets are the step-up to satin head scarves and, some may argue, even better. Eventually, as you repeatedly wear satin head scarves overnight, they can eventually flatten and “stretch out” the hair texture at the nape of your neck and ears. Bonnets can protect various hair styles as these come in larger sized to prevent friction and tangles.

To be honest, I recently learned some of these from chatting with girlfriends on how they protect their scalp and hair texture overnight. Another side tip is to make sure that your buns aren’t super sleek and tight all the time. Though this gets rid of flyaways and babyhairs #thestruggle, it can take a toll on your hairline, edges and curl pattern from too much strain.

Keep your nightime routines easy and minimal so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Most importantly, when possible, sleep on a satin pillowcase and let your hair be free and just breathe girl!