Best Headwrap Brands on a Budget
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Best Headwrap Brands on a Budget

By Lilas Mia –

We covered the importance of protective styling and the endless possibilities and benefits of incorporating these methods into your routine. If you’re still not satisfied with the variety of styles and want a much easier (and faster) technique to reduce over-manipulation, increase length and moisture retention for your hair, head wraps and head scarves just might be your thing.

Here’s some fun facts about the history of head wraps: the significance of head wraps dates back to sub-Saharan Africa as an honor to enslaved women and their descendants. Head wraps were seen as a “helmet of courage” as it differentiated Africans from their slave owners and presently represents homeland – be that of ancient Africa or America. Usually leaving her face open, the head-wrap visually enhances the facial features, drawing the onlooker’s gaze up, rather than down. Initially deriving out of scrap fabric to wax print (100% cotton printed by machine using wax resins and dyes for batik-like effect), some relatively new styles are silk or satin-lined head wraps because of its functionality against frizz and damaged ends; however, they have a greater tendency to slip off more often against your hair.

Let’s admit it: there’s something relieving about pulling your hair back, especially during scorching summer days. By now, you’ve seen girls rock these gorgeous and colorful statement pieces but were never sure where to get them yourself? Well, we hope you’re ready to glow and flaunt that pretty face because we’ve made a list of the best head wrap brands online. Keep in mind that most of these styles come and go by the season and fabric availability:

Grass-Fields ($15-$28)

Izu and Vash ($18-$25)

The Wrap Life ($19-30)

London Ivy ($20-$38)

Fanm Djanm ($28-$38)

Asodara ($15-$40)