How Hormones Affect Our Hair
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How Hormones Affect Our Hair

Like any other part of the body, our hair is so much more than meets the eye. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all allow hair to grow into the long, luxuriant locks we know and love. And while they do have some other very important effects on the body itself, it’s nice to know that these hormones make our hair fuller, helps our hair grow faster, and gives it that very much coveted shine.

When You Were Young
When you hit puberty, a new flux of hormones courses through the body. Voices crack, acne runs rampant, and certain unusual things are occurring that we can’t quite explain just yet. While adolescence was a confusing and frustrating time for both our bodies and our lives, the hormones that push us through puberty do fantastic things for the hair on our heads. In fact, the increase of estrogen and testosterone produces thicker and fuller hair, and even gives an extra boost of shine.

Expect the Best
Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, and it can be even more amazing for your hair. Estrogen and progesterone pump through the body in much higher amounts, increasing blood circulation and amping up metabolism. This creates the perfect environment for more nutrients throughout the body, giving pregnant women everywhere that well-known “glow.” Both estrogen and progesterone help create shimmering and quickly growing hair. And, as an added bonus, hair falls out much less when you’re pregnant, leading to a much thicker mane.*

*It’s important to note that hair begins to fall out three to six months after giving birth, and it can look like quite a lot. Don’t worry! It is completely natural to lose this buildup of hair.

The Good News with Menopause

With age, comes wisdom, and it’s no different with hair. A change of testosterone may mean thinning and slow-growing hair, but you also will lose that pesky acne that traveled with you through high school, college, pregnancy, and middle age. You also may experience less shine and fullness in your hair as your estrogen levels drop, but less estrogen may also mean less of those hormonal mood swings you had when you were younger. Don’t forget all those women now rocking naturally white hair with pink tips, or a short bob dyed the color of your dreams.
Hormones in Play
When it comes to change, life can become a pretty hairy situation. Puberty jumpstarts adulthood and a fuller head of hair with the help of testosterone and estrogen. Pregnancy hormones enhance already long and shiny hair. And today, aging gracefully means women can do whatever they want to their hair and look great doing it – look how popular fully grey hair is nowadays, and on people of all ages! All of these hormones pack a powerful punch that gets us through life. And lucky for us, they also help our hair along the way.

How about you? Do you remember these hair-raising events in your life? Comment with your hair moments below!