Summer Curl Prep Made Easy
Curl Maintainance

Summer Curl Prep Made Easy

Preparing our curls for summer is no easy task and sometimes can feel like work work work! Here we’ve put together some scenario’s you may find yourself in and our #1 advice for SUPER easy summer hacks, so you and your curls make the most of your summer days!


Problem: Most of us are perfectly happy to be at the poolside, drinking, looking far too good to get in the pool. The remainder of us rebels are suited up ready to cannon ball into any pool we find to escape the scorching heat! So…what’s the problem? Chlorine. When our hair absorbs chlorinated water, it strips the hair of its natural lubricant, called sebum. Frequent swimming leads to drying, thus causing your hair’s protective cuticles to splitting and breaking.

Solution: For us to not immediately regret the plunge after we’ve made it, ensure your hair is already saturated with non-chlorinated water. Why? Then it can’t absorb any pool water! Or you can snag a cute swim cap (are swim caps even cute?) and pray for the best. If your hair does get that nasty chlorinated water in it, rinse it thoroughly afterwards for a few minutes. Tend to those tangles with Curl Keeper Slip and the Flexy Brush then condition your hair right away. Once you’ve rinsed out again and applied your holy grails, a protective bun will ensure no further damage occurs!


Problem: All of us have noticed the increased and intense heat from the sun. It’s not even nice to be out in the sun anymore because it’s just uncomfortable. If you can cook an egg on your shoulder, imagine how the heat can damage your hair. Overexposed skin and hair in that kind of heat is never good. Some have experienced sun burn on their scalp and most of us experience dry hair that feels like straw.

Solution: Be sure to have sunscreen with a higher SPF for starters (in our Mom voice.) It’s also not a bad idea to invest a good hat like our BADAZZ Backless Caps or a protective scarf to give your hair a needed break from the harsh UV rays. Try to limit any additional exposure to heat styling tools and even coloring this will reduce damage as well. Lastly, consider a good deep moisturizing treatment like Pure Silk Protein once a week.


Problem: Who doesn’t love to travel in the summertime? Road trips, camping trips, all-inclusive resorts. What could possibly be the issue here? You left it way too late to buy your travel size holy grails. This means you are stuck with whatever products are under your sink or worse what is at the resort. We all know that feeling when we must use products that are anything but good for our hair. It’s a struggle to say the least.

Solution: Prepare! Hop on the websites of your “must-haves” and check the shipping times. Depending on where the products come from determines the amount of time it will take to arrive. If you can’t shop your products in-store then order them online no later than 3 weeks before you take off to ensure you get them. It’s vacation time and 90% of your selfies should be your hair- on point!


Problem: We are all caught up in our summer feels, cocktails, and wanderlust and end up distracted and dehydrated. Drinking water never gets old and it’s usually emphasized more as we get older but why wait? Most of our body is made up of water and when you combine the heat from the sun with staying super active, dehydration is a real concern. If you feel thirsty, chances are you are already in need of high quality H2O!

Solution: We don’t mean that you should never leave the pool or sleep in your bathtub, but at least drink it by the gallon! Drinking plenty of water ensures you are hydrated from the inside out, which is important. Since our hair comes from our scalp and scalp is skin, your scalp and hair benefit from being hydrated when you drink water! For added hydration, the H2O Water Bottle serves duel purpose for refreshing your curls and your face- it’s a summer essential!
Ditch the damage and maintain your hair with our simple solutions, summer is about being happy and carefree no matter where you are or what you are doing.