7 Ways to Care for Winter Curls
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7 Ways to Care for Winter Curls

Time to take some notes curlies it’s that time of year again! As the cooler temperatures move in, our battle against humidity and mega frizz finally begins to wane. However, the cold enemy in town is threatening to weaken and severely dry out our strands and create tangles beyond our imagination. We want to you be as prepared as you possibly, can be so we have come up with 7 ways to care for your curls during these soon-to-be chilly months ahead.

1. Get a Pre-Fall Trim

Start off the season in good shape and schedule a trim at your salon. Freshening up the ends of your hair before the colder weather arrives will enable you to start your styling regime with no issues. You will have better style management and this will minimize the amount of knots and snags in your curls.

2. Invest in a good detangler

Detangling is an important step! It removes excess hair that falls out naturally – if we don’t comb out our curls, we are bound to end up with a huge knotted mess. We recommend a 3-in-1 called Slip Detangler by Curly Hair Solutions. Spray it all over freshly washed hair and wait for 30 seconds. Not only does this seal the hair cuticle to lock in hair colour but the sealing of the cuticle also allows for a comb to “slip” right through your hair. Slip Detangler is also a light leave in conditioner that will not weigh down your natural curls at all!

3. Avoid wool/knit hats and scarves
We know winter can get cold and keeping your head covered is important! But if you must wear a hat that is wool, have a silk cap underneath it so there isn’t direct contact between the wool and your curls. Wool hats and scarves give your tresses a run for their money and can end up causing unwanted knots and tangles. Another option is to wear a silk head wrap during the day! You can get creative with different colors and methods of wrapping to add to your daytime look.

4. Seal the ends of your curls
We are no stranger to damaged ends this time of year; in fact we all dread it. Sealing our ends with a moisturizing or conditioning treatment then becomes a crucial aspect of protecting them. Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave in Conditioner is a great curly hair conditioner to use on the ends of your curls while they are wet and you are styling. Its lightweight formula penetrates into the hair cuticle where the authentic proteins can keep those ends moisturized.

5. Rock those protective hairstyles
On occasion you can rock your curls out completely but don’t do it too often; otherwise that pre-fall trim will have been for nothing. No matter your curl type, we all need to ensure that our curls are protected from the brittle cold outdoors and from the indoor heating. Keep those ends hidden if you can to minimize damage. Hop on Google and look up some easy DIY protective styles you can try out!

6. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals
We should already be eating healthy for our bodies but our hair can benefits from it too! Eating foods that have fish oils, anti-oxidants, omega 3, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc are great for your hair. Of course many already take a daily multivitamin anyways but it doesn’t hurt to stock up on your spinach, blueberries, salmon, tomatoes and sweet potatoes!

7. No Shower cap
If our curls are lacking major moisture this season, skip the shower cap when you shower and just clip your hair up! It’s a great way to let moisture penetrate into your hair without getting it completely wet since curly hair craves that steam! Now if you are worried about creating frizzy curls, that’s an easy fix if you are using Curl Keeper Original. It’s a water based product that leaves your hair completely frizz free, controlled and shiny. The best part is that it reactivates with water; that shower steam will just make you curls look better!

If you follow these fool proof ways to maintain your curls this fall season, style management will be much easier! Just because winter is unruly, cold and bitter doesn’t mean your hair has to be too!