Common Curl Winter Problems Solved
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Common Curl Winter Problems Solved

Depending on what part of the planet you live on, September to April may be a long, torturous period of time for our precious curls. The transition from summer to fall and then fall to winter can plague us with numerous hair blunders but let me assure you, there is hope. I have examined the top 5 common problems our curls face during seasonal transitions and what solutions are within your reach to make it as painless as possible! Let’s take a look!

1. Dried out curls:

As we step into a climate change our curls are faced with new challenges. Where the summer months bestowed moisture upon our curls, the opposite has now taken effect and even more so for those of us who work inside offices where the heat is comparable to a tropical island. With lack of moisture in the air and then the added indoor heating, our curls tend to turn into dry frizzy hair. The first solution is a deep moisturizing treatment by Curly Hair Solutions called Pure Silk Protein. Use it the same as you would use Conditioner but leave it in your hair for the duration of your shower, so approximately 10 minutes. When you’re done, rinse it out thoroughly before you step out. Another option is to use the Silk Leave in Conditioner which can be used on various parts of our curls that are rough and wiry, especially on the ends. The high concentration of silk amino acids will give you the much needed moisture needed to give you soft, bouncy curls during the winter months.
The last solution and one we really need to consider, is the type of shampoo you are using. Choose a shampoo that is free of silicones and focuses on strengthening hair such as the Treatment Shampoo. This shampoo will deposit generous amounts of magnesium and panthenol to help rebuild elasticity lost in the curls. Make sure it is also a pH balanced shampoo, specifically for curly hair since the proper pH balance will be a saving grace during this season.

2. Lifeless, flat curls:

Some curlies often struggle to create volume, no matter the season, but with the lack of moisture in the air during the winter months our curls need some extra help. When building, an architect needs tools and building volume requires nothing less! Equip yourself with Curly Hair Solutions RevUp! Volumizing System, Curl Keeper and the Roller Jaw Clamps and prepare for battle. These important curly hair products and tools will help give you luxurious curls with tons of bounce and volume.

First, you wash with RevUp! Volumizing Shampoo and without towel drying, detangle your hair from roots to ends with a wide tooth comb. Apply your Curl Keeper from roots to ends on very wet hair and flip your hair forward. Scrunch your hair at least 30 times or more. Flip your head back up and spray RevUp! approximately 3-4 times and a few extra times when you flip your head back over. Break out your diffuser immediately and start diffusing until your hair is roughly 75% dry. Then take a few of your Roller Jaw Clamps and clip hair in the areas needing height such as the crown area and the hairline. Leave those clips in for a good 10-15 minutes, blast them with heat before you take them out. Re-scrunch your hair one last time and begin to play with your curls to soften your look. The more you play with it when it’s dry the bigger your hair! Bye bye flat dull curls and helloooo volume!

3. More tangles than usual: 

As if we don’t battle enough with gnarly knots but come fall and winter, the moment we put on that infinity scarf, woe to the nape of the neck! A simple solution to this problem is not that 80’s looking scrunchie your mother gave you for desperate times, but rather, it’s Slip Detangler. Post shower you spray Slip all over your hair and wait for 30 seconds before detangling clean wet hair. Another option is to section off the curls that are still in good shape and localize the tangled areas. Using a water bottle mist the hair until it is wet, then spray the Slip Detangler and wait those 30 seconds before detangling and voila! A good way to help prevent getting those tangles is wear your hair up in a cute ponytail or hair clip then the scarf!

4. Longer drying time:

In the winter, the days are shorter, we get to bed and wake in darkness which means we long for more sleep time rather than spending it drying our natural curls! The diffuser was invented for exactly this: speeding up our drying time! Start diffusing right away once your styling is complete and alternate between blasts of hot and cool air. This speeds up the drying time because you can spend 15 minutes diffusing using hot air and once you are done and your hair cools down you realize it is still actually damp! The cold air really helps to set the curls quicker after you have blasted it with some heat. It is not to our benefit to go outdoors with wet hair, it could definitely lead to you getting sick since our heads would be wet and cold and I have seen my own curls frozen solid which doesn’t help our style or overall hair condition. However, if you are staying indoors while your hair dries then its fine- otherwise, invest in a good diffuser and diffuse as much as you can before going outdoors.

Where there is a curl there is a way! Just because winter isn’t the most popular season doesn’t mean we can’t maintain fabulous hair without breaking our wallets or patience! If you have experienced winter blunders and hair problems share them with us in the comments section below!