Humidity Hacks for All Curl Types
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Humidity Hacks for All Curl Types

Finally, the warmer days of summer days are here! This means our long-time frenemy makes a comeback as well: the famous humidity. While some of us, including myself, love and bask in humid days and celebrate it as an essential and needed part of the summer, the rest of us may curl up in the fetal position and pray to the hair gods that we survive with our tresses intact. But how aer we to deal with the effect of humidity on our hair?

Let’s be real here: Humidity has drastically different effects on different curl textures. Not everyone will experience the exact same challenges when those humid days creep up. Based on your curl type, here are a few ways you can avoid humidity hang-ups and use it to your advantage.

Loose Waves
On humid days, those of us who are adorned with Shakira waves can easily end up looking like we stuck our finger in an electrical socket on humid days. Detangling becomes a nightmare: if your hair is fine, it gets coated in sweat from our scalp on humid days: not the hottest look. However, if we are using the right curly hair products, our hair could actually get wavier and more voluminous! Curl Keeper Beach Mist paired with the Curl Keeper Original will help you to regain some of that coveted volume we tend to lose when our hair goes flat. Don’t let humid days weigh down your hair – use the heat and sunny days to rock the volume you naturally have!

Medium Curls
For the most part, humidity is great for a medium curl type that is screaming for more moisture and definition. It’s wise to stay away from heavy leave-in conditioners at this time of year: Humidity gives your hair so much moisture already that it is entirely possible to end up over-moisturizing your hair, leading to way more drying time and way less style management. Try to have a balanced use of leave-in conditioners and always pair your leave-in with Curl Keeper Original to achieve frizz free definition. To avoid the flatness of over-conditioned hair, try achieve some necessary lift off your scalp during your styling routine with our Roller Jaw Clamps, as these will help the roots of your curls get necessary bounce during the summer!

Tight & Kinky Coils
If you didn’t think it was possible for humidity to make you look like anything other than a walking, talking bush, think again. We have nothing against volume here: in fact, volume is widely embraced in the curly hair world. But there’s a difference between volume and definition. With tightly coiled textured hair, humidity just makes it all expand up and outwards while it does nothing for definition or style maintenance. Try using the Curl Keeper Styling Cream when prepping your hairstyle after washing it. Curl Keeper Styling Cream gives great hold for days, helps to shine up your curls and coupled with the Curl Keeper Original, it will enhance definition and work with the humidity.

Keep these humidity hacks close to your curls this coming summer and be sure that you are investing in products that work with the moisture in the air. This way, your curls no matter the curl type or texture will look flawless, fierce and fabulous!