Product application methods for your curl type
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Product application methods for your curl type

We’ve heard it time and time again: no two people have the same type of curls. There is a wide array of different curl patterns, textures, and densities that allow our curls to stand out from everyone else. As unique as each curly hair is, there are other curlies who may have similar curls to yours, which is where curl typing comes in. Loose, medium, tight, and kinky curls are all similar in that we all have the same “S” pattern that forms curly hair. The difference is in how large or small those “s” patterns are. Because of this, different groups of curlies have different regimens to address the needs of their hair. Believe it or not, this is especially true for applying product to your curls as well! Getting defined and frizz-free curls is not a benefit restricted to only one curl type, but the method of getting them differs from curly girl to curly girl! So check out the best methods for applying product for your curl type!

Loose Curls – The Upside Down Styling Routine

Looser curls are known to lose more and more volume as the day progresses. This is why styling your hair with your head bent over will allow you to get more volume at the root of your hair, while still maintaining frizz-free definition for the rest of your curls. Always start with freshly washed hair, then apply product in your hair as needed. Here’s another tip: comb leave-ins or creams through your hair first using your hands, then “scrunch” your gel product into your hair to give it the hold you need. After this is complete, you can “Curl Plop” your hair to reduce your drying time, and to give your hair some extra definition. To “Curl Plop”, lay a microfiber towel on your chair or counter. Then flip your hair over so all of your curls lay in the middle of the towel. Tie the towel around the nape of your hair and let it stay for 20 minutes. Once that is complete, you may diffuse or air dry your hair. If you choose to diffuse, be sure to flip your hair over when diffusing, which will allow your hair to dry more evenly and will add even more volume to your hair.

Medium – Shingling and Scrunching Method

Much like looser curl types, medium curl types have a tough time maintaining voluminous, defined hair throughout the day. The Shingling and Scrunching method allows you to get conditioned curls with lots of volume that will last. “Shingling” is quite similar to “combing.” With shingling however, you have to be sure to elongate and smooth the curl by closing your hand in a fist and letting your hair glide down in between your fingers. Once product is evenly distributed throughout your hair, you can then “scrunch” your curls to get more definition and keep your curls frizz-free.

Tight Curls – The Praying Hands Method

The Praying Hands Method is great for tight curlies, because it allows you to evenly distribute product throughout your hair, which causes your hair to “clump” nicely and elongates your curls to give you a bit more length. To do the Praying Hands method, rub the product in between your hands so you get an even amount on both your hands. Then, take a small section of your hair and form praying hands around your hair to smooth the product down on your curls from root to end. Keep smoothing with your hands to get even distribution of product from root to tip. Once you’ve done this to the rest of your hair, you can then diffuse or air dry to complete the style. Once your hair is dried, you may fluff up your curls a bit, or pick your hair at the roots to get more definition.

Kinky Curls – Rake and Smooth Method 

Kinky Curls may have a more difficult time in producing defined curls but it is certainly not impossible! The goal with kinky curls is to get your hair as defined and elongated as possible, and this can be achieved with the rake and smooth method. Start with freshly washed hair and thoroughly detangled hair. Then, apply product to your hair. Start by “raking” any leave-ins or creams evenly throughout your curls – but start from the ends of the hair, and move up! Then, smooth your hands over sections of your hair to allow product to distribute as evenly as possible. Then take any gels or holding products, and smooth it over your hair once again, to hold your curls into place. Then diffuse or air dry to complete your style. Once your hair is completely dry, you can fluff your hair at the roots to get more volume.

Different curl methods don’t always mean different results! With curls, there is always a learning curve. It may take some time to find out what works for your curls, but with clean and healthy hair, and the right products in your arsenal, perfect frizz-free curls are attainable for everyone!

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