What Your Curly Hair Craves to Stay Healthy
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What Your Curly Hair Craves to Stay Healthy

People often scour the web and their local beauty supply stores looking for the best products to use to keep their curls luscious and healthy.  While it’s obviously extremely important to use the right products in your hair, there is also ample evidence that indicates that what you put into your body can be just as important.  That’s right: your diet can play a huge factor in your curly hair health and volume. What certain foods contain can either strengthen or limit your hair’s growth depending on the contents. Let’s look at a couple of items your hair craves in order to stay healthy, as well as a few things that hurt your hair more than they help!


Staying hydrated is important for your mind, body and soul. Without proper hydration, you could be dealing with dry skin, irritability & dizziness. This is no different for your hair.  Not drinking enough water affects your hair as much as it affects your body: it can lead to dry, brittle hair that is prone to break and even fall out.  As you’ll see later, you can’t just hydrate with any beverage, and water is easily the best drink to keep yourself hydrated. Helpful Tip: We get it, you need a little flavor. We suggest fruit- (berries, lemon) or vegetable- (cucumbers) infused water that not only adds zest and flavor but also contains vitamins, and keeps the moisture that water is so good at giving!


Besides being great for your muscles while you train, a protein-rich diet can do wonders for your hair! One thing you need to know is that when protein is broken down in the body, the last place to receive its benefits is your hair. Since your hair is comprised of protein, this means that if you keep a diet with plenty of protein, it will ensure there is plenty to go around by the time it reaches your hair. Helpful Tip: eggs (which also contain Biotin), chicken, and salmon are excellent sources of protein that your hair will show its appreciation for if you get healthy doses of each. For our vegan and vegetarian curly haired beauties, quinoa, buckwheat and legumes are just a g=few high protein options you can use to give your ‘doo a little oomph!

Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is starting to sound more and more like a regular diet article isn’t it? That’s because your hair desperately needs the same things your body needs to function properly.  If you are vitamin deficient, you feel lackadaisical and low energy – and the same thing happens to your hair.  Being zinc deficient can lead to dryness and early greyness, while an iron deficiency deprives your hair of much needed oxygen. Omega-3 fatty acids (seafood, nuts) are essential for providing the healthy fats you need to add volume and lustre to your curls. All of the lettered vitamins are great for their own reasons, as some of them help your hair directly, while others like vitamin C help with the absorption of zinc. Helpful Tip: Salmon is a superfood for curly hair! It’s rich in protein and Omega-3 which gives your curly hair strength and shine.

Curly Haired beauties should just say “no” to:

  • Diet Soda
  • Sugar
  • Excess alcohol
  • Fast food

All of the above are a hindrance to healthy and shiny curly hair.  Because of how the body processes these foods and beverages, you run the risk of causing dehydration or vitamin reduction that, as you’ve just read, is essential for naturally helping your hair stay vibrant.  In moderation, these choices won’t have a severe impact. But over time, abusing these, or not paying attention to your daily intake will wreak havoc on your curly ‘do. Keep your hair and body safe when paying attention to your diet, and your curls will thank you!