4 fundamental ways to keep your curly hair beautiful and healthy throughout the year
Curl Maintainance

4 fundamental ways to keep your curly hair beautiful and healthy throughout the year

Probably one of the most stressful times for us curlies is the transition phase from Fall to Winter. But why is that? Simply put, our beloved curls start to not know what to do with life and seemingly get more dull, drier, and more brittle. Here are some tips to prevent your curls going into the “seasonal depression,” and to keep them looking their best!

Get a trim
Yep, I said it. You may as well start off the season with freshly snipped ends, so when you decide to start protective styling, your newly cut ends will be safe from harsh weather. The truth is, if you live where it’s super hot or dry in the summer, your ends probably took a bit of a beating anyway during the dry and windy fall. Get the trim over with, and start the season with fresh, bouncy, and healthy curls.

Stock up on accessories
I’m talking about silk or satin scarves you can wear to bed, vibrant hair wraps you can rock on a night out, silk lined beanies to wear… you get my point. Items such as these are extremely helpful to keeping your curls healthy in the winter months. They help to avoid frizz, tangles, and static. You have enough to deal with, like digging yourself out of a snow bank and still look cute while doing so! So let your accessories do all the heavy lifting for you!

Moisturize…but don’t overdo it
When it comes to moisturizing, there is such a thing as overdoing it. Think of wetting a sponge to the point where it can’t take any more water… do you see where I am going with this? The sponge gets floppy – and so will your curls! So make sure to invest in a good moisturizing shampoo that is pH balanced for your curls, as well as a conditioner or leave in conditioner that has high quality ingredients. The proper pH balance will make sure that your hair stays perfectly moisturized without over-doing it – so in other words, avoid synthetic proteins like the plague; they will do more damage than good! Check out the Pure Silk Protein, and be sure to thoroughly rinse it out of your hair after showering.

Protective Styling
This is where you hit YouTube and find some protective styles that work for your hair length and curl type. The point is to do some research and be aware of what materials, accessories, and styles do more damage versus protecting your curls. It will be worth the time when spring comes and you let your curls loose and have minimal work to do!

This is not the time to neglect our kinks and curls: this season, with its transition from Fall to Winter, and the start of indoor heating, is when they need us the most! Rally together with girlfriends, surf the web, go shop together and make a plan to maintain your mane during the impending winter season.