Five Secrets to Party Proof New Years Curls

Five Secrets to Party Proof New Years Curls

Despite what the classic holiday movies tell us, miracles do not happen overnight – especially when it comes to your curls. To ensure your curls look their best for all your holiday parties, begin a good maintenance schedule, ideally starting a month before your first big party (check out the Ultimate Pre-Holiday Curly Hair Timetable). Running short on time? Then stick to the essentials: good products, regular deep conditioning and a trim!

  1. Mind the Cold Weather

For most of us, the holiday season means that the weather outside is frightful (read: cold, dry, snowy – oh summer, please come back!). To ensure your holiday looks are fantastic, but you can still stay toasty outside, try this simple trick. Warm winter hats often create frizz and the dreaded hat-head hair. To avoid this, wrap your hair with a silk scarf before securing your wool hat. If you have long hair, you can also use a clip to pull your hair towards the top and front of your head before putting on your hat. Then, when you take off the hat and remove the clip, you’ll still have volume!

  1. Try out a new Hairstyle

There’s no better time to be adventurous with your hair then when your social calendar is buzzing with events. Always wear your hair up? Try letting it down and jazz it up by braiding the front section to create a natural headband. Are your waves always down? Get your hair off your neck and create a French twist but with tiny buns! To do it, take a section from each side of your hairline and secure into a small bun using a bobby pin. Repeat until all your hair is twisted and pinned into a line down the back of your head. Another easy option is a combination of half up and half down. Starting with your hair down, use your thumbs to gather a small section of your hair into a ponytail sitting at the top of your head and directly above your ears. Secure the section by crisscrossing two bobby pins and you’re done! 

  1. Accessories are your Friends, Friends!

Why let the fireworks be the only thing glittering this season? Accessories are a super simple way to dress up an otherwise ho-hum look. Whether it’s a unique hair clip that you use to sweep your hair to the side, a big bow below your ballerina bun or a colourful headband that matches your holiday outfit just perfectly, don’t hesitate to use this tried and tested trick!

  1. Refresh your Curls Throughout the Day

When rushing from work or school to a festive soiree, sometimes your curls could benefit from a little revitalizing. An easy DIY option is to combine 7-10 drops of pure lavender essential oil and 2 quarts of water. Boil the water and simmer for one hour. Remove from the heat, add the oil and stir. Allow it to cool before stocking some spray bottles. Not only will your hair look refreshed, but it will smell great too!

With these secrets in hand, you’ll be sure to make Santa’s nice list, or at least his list of nicest hair! Enjoy the holiday season!

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