Volume and Curls 101: For All Curl Types

Volume and Curls 101: For All Curl Types

Skinny and fine has its place – Jeans, Pasta, and Cosmopolitans. But your hair though? Nope, we good on that.
If you have fine and or thin hair (we know you’re out there), that can be changed to show off your true tress potential.
All you need are a few quick fix tips to make it happen!

  1. First things first – Get a check-up.
    Sometimes fine and thinning hair can be caused by a medical condition. If you’re noticing unusually large amounts of hair loss, there may be another reason behind it – Alopecia, iron deficiency or hormone issues. Most of which can be reversed. Booyah! Drink plenty of water, which will keep your skin and scalp hydrated and take a multi-vitamin.
  2. Quick Scalp Massage.
    Massaging is an easy way to wake up those blood cells- promoting healthy circulation= hair growth. While shampooing in the shower, use your fingertips in a circular motion and gently rub your scalp for at least 60 seconds. This is also a great way to start the day or to relax before laying it down for the night.
  3. Lift Your Roots: 
    Adding lift at the scalp is one of the best ways you can create the illusion of thicker hair. Use a dime size amount of maximum hold curl cream and scrunch into the root area of wet hair. Finish off by diffusing your hair upside down (high setting-low heat) until surface dry. While roots are slightly damp, add some loose clamps by clipping at the root and either air dry or diffuse. This keeps hair from sticking to the scalp.
  4. Switch Your Part. 
    If you’ve worn your hair parted on the left since Obama’s first term, its time to switch lanes! After years of being flattened in the same direction, changing the part will help lift your hair away from your scalp and make the top of your head look like it has more body and volume.
  5. Your Brush Matters.
    Skip on metal brushes—they retain heat from hair dryers causing damage to your fine hair and let’s not even talk about how much hair you lose from the hard bristles. A curly-girl MUST have is the 2018 Naturally Curly Editor’s Choice award winning (yes we are bragging) Flexy Brush. This light-weight brush with flexible bristles does it all- from detangling, minimizes hair loss, easy cleaning, scalp massage and blow drying. You will develop an obsessive love affair, we promise.
  6. Go to the Beach! 
    Sort of… Just use the Curl Keeper® Beach Mist on wet hair! Made with 84 trace elements that are brewed from Pink Himalayan Crystal Salts, these energizers work like electrolytes drawing moisture from the air to your hair and skin drastically creating volume, bounce and strength. A little goes a long way so if you over do it- mist your hair with water to counter balance the salt- then go be cute!

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