How To Style Your Curly Hair Like A Pro

How To Style Your Curly Hair Like A Pro

Maybe she’s born with naturally beautiful and perfect curls, or maybe she’s just figured out how to live and work with what she has. While naturally curly hair can be simply incredible, it can also be difficult at times to style or maintain. Since curls can be so frustrating, a lot of women wind up giving up on their natural locks. In these cases heat becomes their Bae. And, as a result, they turn to flat irons and/or straightening products instead.

Nevertheless, with the right styling tips, you can highlight the unique beauty of your curls. You won’t have to damage your hair with heat styling – because once you learn how to style your curls, you may never want to straighten your hair again!

Use A Leave-In Conditioner

If you forget everything else about this subject, just make sure to remember this part! One of the biggest issues faced by curly-haired women is frizz. Okay, so you now may wonder what’s going on up there and how can you control it? The hair receives nourishment from the natural oils that are produced by the scalp. When a woman has straight hair, these oils can easily be distributed throughout the hair. But when a woman has curly hair, her hair may become dried out and frizzy, as the natural oils aren’t distributed evenly throughout the hair.

Because of this, women with curly hair should make sure to provide their hair with an additional source of moisture. By using a leave-in conditioner, you can improve your hair’s health and keep frizz at bay. Easy, right?

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

While washing your hair can help to keep it clean, it can also be fairly damaging. Why is this the case? Shampoos and conditioners both contain ingredients that can dry out your hair and cause damage to it, especially if the pH balance is way too high, not addressing or helping the natural acidity of the hair. Can you say sulfates?

Therefore, if you have curly hair, your hair doesn’t have to be washed on a daily basis. Instead try to go a few days without putting your hair through the ringer. But if your hair needs a quick cleaning in between washings, you can try using dry shampoo. Or, if all else fails, become at one with the Co-Wash method.

Section Your Curls

Celebrities with curly hair often have beautiful, even-looking curls. The rest of us dolls don’t have a team of eight beauty professionals making us look like an A-lister. So then, it’s safe to say that average women with curly hair doesn’t always have the same type of naturally gorgeous, bouncy curls that stars have on the red carpet. So if you’re struggling with uneven curls, you may need to change the way you apply hair product.
Before you apply any product to your hair, you should section it off using clips. Gasp! Yes, this will take more time to style, but the results will be worth it. Make each section as small as you possibly can. If possible, you should section off each individual curl. Then when you apply your product as normal, you can give each curl/section much more attention!

If you apply product in this way, every one of your curls will look its best. Your curls will be a lot more even, and your hair will feel better than ever.

Adjust Your Style Based On The Weather

Curly-haired women can’t style their hair in the same way every day. In many cases, women will have to adjust their styling routine based on the weather outside. How can this be accomplished?

When it is humid out, women should make a point of avoiding products that contain glycerin. But during the colder, drier months of the year, you should ensure that your hair is receiving extra conditioning treatments to deal with the sun and heat!

When it is raining out, you should avoid wearing your hair down. Try to braid your hair or wear it in some kind of up-do instead. This will minimize the damage that the rain causes to your hair.

Always Air Dry Your Hair

Time for quick true or false: A blow dryer is a curly gal’s friend? False! While a blow dryer can dry your curls quickly, it can also dry them out. So then, when you have the time, you should always allow your hair to air dry. Moreover, naturally drying your curls can improve their texture.

If you don’t have the time to air dry your hair, you should use a blow dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser can help to mitigate the damage of heat styling and can give your curls a more natural look.

In conclusion, curly hair can be difficult to style, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look great! If you manage to master these simple styling tricks, your hair will look better than it ever has before. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to style your hair like a true professional.

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