Three Trendy Short Haircuts For Curly Hair
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Three Trendy Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Alright fellow ladies of curl, let’s tackle this huge topic head-on. Many women with curly hair feel as though they have to wear their hair long to show off their curls. Of course, it is true that length can make curly locks more manageable. However, when hair is longer, it is also heavier, which means that curls are weighed down by their own weight! While this can work for people with tight curls, people with loose curls, beware!

With that said, a short cut can compliment curls beautifully. As a matter of fact, there are a number of cropped haircuts that look better with short curly hair, rather than straight locks.

If you have curls, and you’re interested in trendy short cuts, give these crops a try!

Curly Bobs

A bob is one of the most flattering types of short cuts. Who here has gone the way of the Bob? Basically every fab chick on the gram from RiRi to Bey has rocked this sassy style at some point. While bobs can be cut very short, even the shortest bobs still leave some hair around the face. Women seeking more manageable haircuts have often turned to a bob cut.

While bobs can look beautiful with straight hair, they can be even more flattering when the bob is cut to a shorter length. This is partially because of the added femininity that curls can provide. A curly bob can be extremely girly, even when the hair is cut above the chin – just a little something to keep in mind (wink, wink).

Nevertheless, curly bobs also have an added sex appeal. When people think about curly bob cuts, they often picture women like Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to cut your hair short, but you don’t want to look masculine, you should strongly consider a curly bob. Have your stylist cut some layers into your bob, and your curls will look more beautiful than they ever have before.

Curly bobs are also easy to style. Run some mousse or a styling cream through your wet hair, and you’ll be ready to go.

The Pixie Cuts

Got more edge than the Grand Canyon? If you are bold, fierce, and a self-described diva, then we have the hairstyle for you! Pixie cuts are one of the most daring types of cuts. There aren’t many women out there that are confident enough to cut off that much hair.

With that said, a pixie cut can be incredibly flattering. When your hair is cropped short, people won’t focus on your hair. Instead, they will look at your beautiful face. Well, hello there sexy!

As with bobs, curly hair can make a pixie cut look a lot more feminine. Actresses like Halle Berry have shown that a curly pixie can be both beautiful and sexy.

A graduated pixie style is the best choice for women with curly hair. It will give your hair a very attractive and choppy look, keeping some length while rocking the short look!

The Shag Cut

Some women feel as though their natural curls are out of control. If you feel this way about your hair, why not take advantage of that chaos. If you get a short shag cut, you’ll be able to rock messy hair any day of the week.

A shag cut can look a little bit messy, but in an attractive and appealing way. Think Victoria Secret model bed head, just with fewer tresses. That’s what a nice shag look can achieve. When you wear a trendy cut like this, you won’t look like you forgot to style your hair in the morning. Instead, you will show that you have some real edge.

While shag cuts can be very short, you should ask that your longest layer be just below the chin. This will allow the stylist to vary the length of your layers and add some real volume to your hair.

Women with curly hair don’t have to wear their hair long, and they don’t have to avoid trends. As a matter of fact, a lot of trendy cuts look amazing on women with curly hair. Therefore, enjoy your natural curls and find a cut that compliments your personal style!