Easy, Quick Holiday Hair!

Megan (@wavycurlychronicles) shows you how to get Easy, Holiday Ready, Curls!

What You'll need:

Looking for the perfect style for the Holiday Season? We've asked @WavyCurlyChronicles to show us her quick and easy curly styles that are PERFECT for all your holiday festivities.

If you’re looking for fun alternatives to heat styling or root touch ups check out these 4 ways to style and look cute all season! 

1. Side Part 

First, I parted my hair using the end of the root brush, then swept the other side back using my fingers with a dab of Extra Strength Curl Cream on them to smooth my hair down, and inserted the decorative hair comb or barret into my hair. I also smoothed some more Tweek down the part in my hair to give it a nice finished look.  

Curly Half Up

2. Curly Half Up Do

My 2nd favorite hairstyle is the half up/half down look. For that I used my fingers to gently separate my top section of hair from the bottom section and pulled it into a small ponytail. I smoothed my hair down with the @curlkeeper root brush then used TWEEK to smooth down my flyaways. I also used the root brush to gently brush out my curls to give the look a bit more volume. I used a silk hair tie and wrapped it around the ponytail to give it a cute holiday vibe 🎄



3. Low Curly Pony + Barret! 

I used the end of the root brush to create a sharp middle part, smoothed it down with TWEEK, then did a loose ponytail and tucked the tail in once above the hair tie, pulling it through to create a twist, then added a cute holiday pearl clip.  Out the door you go! 

Low Pony

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