Easy, Wash Day Free, Curls!

Rebecca Ford (@itscurlybeccc) shows you how to Easy, Wash Day Free, Curls!

What You'll need:

Step by Step! 

Step 1 — Dry Hair

Dry, lifeless undefined curls? No worries! I have the answer!

Step 2 — Wet Hair

First, wet the hair with the H2O Water Bottle.

Step 3 —  Smooth

Smooth the hair out with Flexy brush.

Step 4 — Curl Keeper Original

Add handfuls of Curl Keeper OriginalSmooth Curl Keeper Original on to your hair.

Step 5 —  Scrunch

Scrunch your hair using your hands. 

Step 6 — Air Dry

Let wet curls air dry or Diffuse.

Step 7 —  Done!

BAM! One and done.


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