Juicy Defined Twist Out

Zermala (@curlgirlcare) shows you how to get a bouncy & defined Twist Out with Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Cream.

What You'll need:

Juicy Defined Twist Out.

Step 1 — Hair Prep

Begin with damp hair by evenly spritzing hair with H20 Water Bottle. Work in 2 - 4 sections for better hair manageability and even distribution of moisturizing & styling products.

Step 2 — Apply Leave-In and Use Flexy Brush

Apply Curl Keeper Leave-In to smooth rough cuticles leaving curls feeling and looking silky smooth, soft, defined and shiny. First apply product with hands, paying special attention to dry areas. Rake through with hand from roots to ends. Use Flexy Brush for even comb through and distribution of products.

Step 3 —  Apply Styling Cream - Use Flexy Brush to detangle/evenly distribute product.

Apply Curl Keeper Styling cream to allow for easy manipulation of your curls to transform into soft, moisturized, defined and voluminous styles. Apply product with hands from roots to ends. Add extra as needed on coarse feeling ends ( helps seal cuticles and prevent moisture from escaping the hair ). Use Flexy Brush for even comb through and distribution of products when applying.

Step 4 — Twist Hair

Tips: For well defined tight twist out curl definition; work in small sections . For bouncy big twist out curl definition; work in medium - large sections. I personally like a mix of both.

Working in desired sections, twist hair using 2 strand twist method.Begin at the root of your section, divide section in two. Take one sectioned pieced and begin wrapping it around the other ( cross left over right until the the end of the section is reached ). Ensure you are taking your time and allowing the twisting and wrapping of each sectioned around the other to flow evenly. Allow the ends to curl on each other, applying a little bit of Curl Keeper Styling cream if you need to help hold twist end in place.

Step 5 —  Air Dry and Nighttime Hair Maintenance

Use Satin/Silky bonnet, durag or head wrap to preserve twists and retain moisture, while also air drying overnight. I used a Silky Durag to tie my hair down and air dry.

Step 6 — Take Down Twist : Morning Routine

Gently enravel each twisted section. Begin at the ends, taking your time to ensure frizz - free take down.

Step 7 —  Fluff and Go

Gently pull and tug at the ends of your hair to add some volume and minimize shrinkage. Optional: Use an afro pick to lift at your roots to add some more volume and length. Time to head out the door and Glow.


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