The power of protein, for hair!

For centuries we have molded, bent, burned, coloured, straightened, textured, and permed our hair into all shapes, colours and styles. In Ancient Egypt, exotic proteins were extracted from placenta, eggs, milk and all sorts of flowers and plants in order to effectively shape the hair to however they wanted to style it – the famous Pharaoh, Cleopatra, was known for her passion for beauty and hair!

“I found that the size of the protein molecule itself determines how effectively it will protect hair and repair damage for the hair shaft.” 

- Jonathan Torch

Since then, the beauty industry has been constantly searching for better, more effective and more powerful proteins to restore damaged hair. Because the moisture balance of hair is so delicate, we have found that not all proteins are created equal! This was the first lesson that I learned in my quest to create the perfect product for curly hair.

I found that the size of the protein molecule itself determines how effectively it will protect hair and repair damage for the hair shaft. The size of the protein determines the quality of the protein. The quality of the protein determines how much moisture each protein molecule can retain and repair, and how much moisture is applied to the hair through these proteins. The smaller the protein is, the better – you want a protein that is small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, but not too big, because you don’t want the protein molecules to just sit on the hair! You need to make sure the proteins make it into the hair to have an effect!

After almost ten years of protein research in our salon, we were able to prove that Silk Proteins were the most effective to repair curly hair. They’re small, so they penetrate the outside of the hair shaft and are able to address the health of the hair from within. They blend so easily with hair, and because they’re not a silicone, they never cause build-up – you will never feel silk proteins build up on your hair or feel waxy!

Silk proteins come from silk, one of the oldest natural ingredients. Natural silk is expensive for a reason - it is the strongest natural fibre known to mankind. Discovered in Japan, it has been used for centuries in all kinds of products that require durability and strength. But silk is made up of tiny molecules that can penetrate the entire hair shaft deeper than any other protein, without adding any weight and leaving the hair feeling clean and non-greasy. It’s the perfect ingredient to help the hair recover from heat, colour, or weather damage, and it leaves your hair feeling, and looking, its best. It’s the perfect protein for hair!

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