Easy Twisted Curl Up-Do

Looking for a perfect curl style that can take you effortlessly from day to night? Look no further: this twist and pin style is versatile, easy, super quick AND for all curl types! Marissa (@marisascurls) shows you how to get a bouncy & defined Up Do with Curl Keeper Refresh and Tweek.

What You'll need:

Easy Twisted Curl Up-Do

Step 1 — Hair Prep

Prep the hair by scrunching in a couple of sprays of Curl Keeper Refresh spray to add texture and hold. This will help your curls stay in place all day long, while maintaining your defintition. We recommend working in sections for better hair manageability and distribution of products to get the most even results. 

Step 2 — Section Curls

Take a small section of hair from behind each ear and secure at the back of your head with a small elastic. The thickness of these sections are up to you, the more hair you add the bigger your style! 

Step 3 —  Twist Hair

Flip the tail of ponytail towards your head, feeding it into the gap between the ponytail and your head. This will create a twist shape, working with your curl pattern to create a beautiful look. Be gentle at this phase, we want to avoid disrupting your curl pattern.  

Step 4 —Keep Twisting!

Repeat steps 3 and 4 directly underneath the first ponytail to create a layering twist effect. This will keep curls in place all day!

Step 5 —  Secure Your Style

Take all the remaining hair and tuck it up and through the lower twist, securing with hidden hair clips or bobby pins.

Step 6 — Defrizz and Define

Use a little Curl Keeper Tweek to smooth over any loose curls and frizz. Rub Tweek in between your palms and apply directly to curls. This will hold your style in place while adding volume to curls!

Step 7 —  Fluff and Go

Perfect those face framing strands with your fingers and any additional product. Add your favourite pair of statement earrings and you are all ready to go!


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