Tucked-In Twists

Lilas Mia (@lilasmia) shows you how to create this elegant twisted updo.

What You'll need:

An elegant up-do perfect for holiday get togethers.

Step 1 — Hair Prep

Begin with damp hair (evenly spritz hair with H20 Water Bottle, targeting hairline)

Step 2 — Styling Cream

Apply Curl Keeper Styling Cream.

Step 3 —  Rake and Smooth

Rake Curl Keeper Styling Cream through hair and smooth down with hands, or Flexy Brush.

Step 4 — Gel

Apply Curl Keeper Gel for slicked-back and frizz-free results.

Step 5 —  Twist

Part hair to your liking and begin twisting one side, grabbing hair as you work the twist towards the nape of your neck; secure ends with bobby pins.

Step 6 — Repeat

Repeat with other side, twisting and tucking ends with previous twist.

Step 7 — Accessorize

Add additional accessories as needed to pin down sides.


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