Four Ways you know that your curly hair stylist is the real deal

Four Ways you know that your curly hair stylist is the real deal

We all know it can seem virtually impossible to find that curly hair guru who talks the talk and walks the walk. Much of the education that stylists receive is based on how to style and manage straight hair, so finding a stylist who understands curls is not as simple as some might assume. You have to know a bit about curly hair yourself, and also be able to gauge from these four methods to see if you have indeed found your “go to” stylist!

1) They have great curls
Let’s be real here, when you see someone with head full of curls to be envied, you know that they must be doing something right! If your stylist has great curls, no product buildup and no frizz, you need to find out what she knows about curly hair. Compliment her on her hair and start asking her questions like what products does she use, how often does she cut her hair or wash it. Make sure to get some answers from your stylist!

2) Word of mouth
Sure, we can go online and read reviews until we are blue in the face, but nothing convinces us more than if a friend or a relative of a friend recommends a curly hair stylist that they use – and more importantly, that they trust. If your friend always has flawless kinky curls, then it might be a good idea to tune in and hear what she has to say about where to go. The thing about the word of mouth is that we trust our friends and family. If they say that “so and so” is a phenomenal stylist, it adds weight to our decision. So book a consultation ASAP, and mention to your stylist that you were referred by your friend!

3) They speaketh the tongue of curls 
The world may contain roughly 6,500 different languages, but despite that, there is only 1 language for curly hair. If your stylist starts talking about things like pH balanced products, style management vs constant trims, the art of non-traditional layering in curly hair, how frizz can’t be resolved by loading on oil, et cetera… you know that you have a keeper. So many stylists claim to know curly hair, and then they bust out thinning shears, a flat iron and hairspray! So make sure that your stylist knows what they’re talking about – and if not, run!

4) They have curly hair training
This goes hand in hand with speaking the language. Curly hair stylists should know that taking off too much hair when it’s is wet will result in shrinkage once the hair dries. They should also know that diffusing curls helps reduce more frizz than straight blow drying. Also, stylists should be aware that detangling is necessary for curly hair, and the hair won’t style properly without it. Knowing these little but very important things, along with other tips for working with curls, will demonstrate that your curl stylist really has training in the real curly world.

When in doubt, book a consultation with your new stylist, and be sure to ask lots of questions. Test their knowledge and techniques, and don’t be afraid to ask questions: no one knows your hair better than you do, unless they are a true professional. Don’t put your natural curls in the hands of just anyone! Make sure you mention the challenges you have with your hair and see what they offer as solutions. If it doesn’t sound right, chances are you are right. Good luck in your search!

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