Spring Curl Transition Tips

Spring Curl Transition Tips

With spring officially being a week away, and now it’s the right time to start preparing our curly hair for the seasonal transition. Spring weather can be very unpredictable, going from nice warm temperatures to sudden rain, and then suddenly back down to cooler temperatures.  March is the month that we should take this time to have our curls accurately assessed for any damage as a result of the winter months. Once we know what products are right for our hair, we can repair damage, deepen our curl pattern, and add moisture and bounce back into our curls.

Here are some useful tips for each curl type that will assist you in adding the bounce back to your curls:
For loose curls, after you applied Curl Keeper™ add a bit of Curly Hair Solutions™ Gel while scrunching to give your curls extra hold and enhance your curl formation. This combination of Curl Keeper™ and Gel will ensure frizz-free curls with the right amount of hold to achieve a fuller style for a loose curl.
For medium curls, use theSkip Curl Technique along with Curl Keeper™. Scrunching with added Gel will spring up your curls adding more fullness to your style. After scrunching, group a few sections of curls and clamp them with the Roller Jaw Clamps. This will help achieve even more lift and volume at the root.
For tight curls, using a deep moisturizing treatment such as Curly Hair Solutions™ Pure Silk Protein will give your thirsty curls the added moisture they need, especially after the loss of moisture during the winter months. With the season change and as the weather continues to get warmer, increase the amount of Extenzz™, with Curl Keeper™. This will help you maintain the control of excess bulk you experienced through the dry winter season. 
Start the spring season off on the right foot! With the right curly products and the right techniques you will be able to add bounce back into your curls and still get total frizz control. 

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