Detangling curly hair is the first step to successful styling for perfect curl formation – but it’s also the step we dread the most. Why? For starters, we never have time, there’s a major fear of breakage and hair loss, we have those awful flashbacks as a kid sitting on the edge of the bathtub and mom busts out the fine-tooth comb… the list goes on. Unfortunately for us, we can’t style our hair until the job of detangling is done. Overall, combing through and detangling curly hair will yield better results when styling – and believe it or not, some of that hair must go anyways.

“Open hair cuticles on curly hair naturally lock around each other, creating unmanageable knots and tangles.”
- Jonathan Torch

What do you mean “it must go?!” News flash: healthy scalps lose an average of one hundred hairs each day. Now, if you haven’t detangled your hair in five days… well, you do the math! It looks like so much more hair is falling out after a week has gone by, but the loose hair that got trapped in your curls is partly what has caused the knots and the tangles to begin with! Open hair cuticles on curly hair naturally lock around each other, creating unmanageable knots and tangles. All of these must be removed to prevent your hair from becoming matted, so it’s time to break out the brush – but not without a very helpful friend, our detangler!

Curl Keeper® Slip™ works as an extremely effective detangler. After you’ve showered, your hair is wet and clean. So you spray your wet hair with Slip, and wait for 30 seconds. The concept behind Slip is very simple, and it lies in the pH balance of hair. The pH balance of a product always affects your hair – it determines how open or closed the hair cuticles are. Curly hair cuticles are naturally open, so by adjusting the pH balance to a lower pH of 3.5, Curl Keeper® Slip™ shuts down those hair cuticles. This instantly creates the miracle of easy detangling by making the hair cuticle smaller!

Another important part of detangling is the brush you use. Flexible bristles are essential, because you don’t want bristles so rigid that your hair starts to snap, snag, and break due to the brush. Hair is extremely vulnerable when it’s wet, so therefore, it’s easy for more damage to be done if you don’t have a good brush. Our Flexy Brush is truly one of a kind: it has flexible and multi-dimensional bristles, and it’s easy to clean. Flexy Brush prevents excessive hair loss and breakage, it’s super easy to clean, it’s lightweight, it’s great for a scalp massage, and is shower proof! Sound like a dream? It is. Check out this video and you will see what we mean.

HELPFUL TIP: An important factor in detangling hair is never to towel-dry your hair before detangling.

Spray a generous amount of Curl Keeper® Slip™ on wet hair. It may take up to 30 seconds to adjust the pH of some curls before you start detangling, so if you can, make sure to wait! Start combing through your hair from the ends first, and work your way down to the root area one section at a time. Then, you’re ready to style with your tangle-free curls!

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