Colour Shock

Coloring your hair is a chemical process – there’s no way around that fact. When curly heads color their hair, the curls and wave patterns in the hair shift. The same thing happens for any chemical process, such as relaxers and perms – they all adjust the hair on a chemical level. The chemicals cause the hair cuticles to open and close, resulting in an adjustment to the pH level of the hair. Regardless of what brand of color you use, there is always a "shock" or change to the hair. If this change happens too quickly, hair damage is likely to occur, and your new and fresh color will result in hair breakage. This is something to definitely avoid!

“Our shampoos have a pH level of 4.5-5 that will never strip away hair color...” 

- Jonathan Torch

We think of this as the Light Bulb Theory. When hot glass – like a lightbulb – is suddenly submerged in freezing water, the glass will shatter almost immediately. However, if the glass is allowed to cool prior to being submerged, it will remain intact. Think of this as being similar to what happens when you drastically color your hair without the necessary prep work!

The Light Bulb Theory, when applied to hair, is what we call "color shock". Curly Hair Solutions® products quickly adjust and correct the pH level of curly hair to a very healthy condition, resulting in curls that keep their natural bounce – and they work to condition color-treated hair as well! Using our conditioners on a regular basis, conditioners which have a very low pH balance of 3.5 – 4, will prepare your hair for chemical processes and reduce the initial "shock" of color application. Our shampoos have a pH level of 4.5-5 that will never strip away hair color, even if they are used daily, and will actually strengthen your hair from the inside-out to prevent damage. Using the right products will put an end to "color shock" and allow your colors to last as long as possible, and keep your hair as healthy as possible as well!

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