How To Use Curl Keeper® Original

Those of us with curly hair know the eternal struggle of trying to manage our style. One of the biggest frustrations at times is the frizz. The more you play with your hair in order to try fix it, the angrier – and bigger – it gets!

While we do take into consideration that no one has the exact same curl type combinations, hair density, porosity and so on, Curl Keeper Original has the capability to be your “one and done” product, especially for when it comes to managing and controlling your frizz. Yes, we said it. Here’s why.

While your hair is soaking wet, your curls always look great, right? Ever wondered why that is? The hair cuticle of curly hair is naturally in an open position. When your hair is wet, water fills the cuticle, so your curls become perfectly defined because the cuticles are smooth and filled with moisture. But when the hair dries, the water evaporates, leaving the hair cuticles wide open and without moisture – this is what causes frizzy hair that goes everywhere! So we have created a product that encourages the hair to dry with the cuticles looking like they’re still wet – and therefore, eliminating the frizz. This is where our hero Curl Keeper Original comes into play.

Step 1- After you’ve washed, conditioned and detangled your hair, section your hair while your hair is wet. Don’t towel dry! Wet hair helps distribute the product evenly from roots to ends.

Step 2- Okay, now go ahead and saturate your hair from roots to ends with Curl Keeper Original. The key is to know your hair: if you have a lot of hair, use a lot of product. If you have longer hair, thicker hair, use more product. With Curl Keeper Original, there’s no such thing as too much product, but you definitely can use too little of it! You know you have enough Curl Keeper Original in your hair when you hear a definitive “squishing” noise – a crisp, clear squish that means the hair cuticle has enough product to help it stay frizz-free!

Step 3- Style your hair the way that works best for you. This means, rake and shake, scrunch, praying hands, do whatever you do! Keep in mind, the more you scrunch, the better your curl definition and bounce will be; it’s all in the prep work! Make sure that you didn’t miss any spots, otherwise they’ll become frizzy!

Step 4- Paws off people! Let your hair air dry, or diffuse it dry if you’re running out of time, but do not touch it. Try keep your hair as still as possible! The cuticle must be able to dry in a closed position to maximize definition and minimize frizz.

Step 5- Once your hair is completely dry you can begin to soften the style, play with it a little, separate your curls, or fluff up the roots if you want volume. If you’re running out of time, you can also wait until your curls are surface dry before starting to move and style them, but you want your hair as dry as possible before you start to play with it.

The best part? Because Curl Keeper Original is water-soluble, you don’t feel any product build-up. But more importantly, you can reactivate the Curl Keeper Original with water to control any frizz that may develop in day two or three! Grab our H2O Water Bottle and mist the areas that need touch ups in the morning or later in the day, re-scrunch your curls and go! Check out our video below for how to perfectly control your curls on those super humid days!

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