No Wash
Wash & Go

Nastassia (@nknaturalz) shows you how to achieve your own 'No wash' Wash & Go in under 10 mins.

What You'll need:

A fast and easy wash & go — no shower required.

Step 1 — Hair Prep

Spray sectioned hair with H2O water bottle so hair is easier to manipulate.

Step 2 — Cocktail

Cocktail Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner to moisturize and soften the hair and Curl Keeper Gel to define the curls.

Step 3 —  Separate Hair

Separate hair into two sections. Using the “praying hands” method, gently smooth and apply the cocktail to the first section.

Step 4 — Distribute

Using the Flexy Brush from the root to tip, brush through and clump your curls while distributing the product. Repeat on the other section of hair.

Step 5 —  Smooth

Take a small section from the side close to your temple and smoothen it with the flexy brush.

Step 6 — Accessorize

Grab your choice of bobby pins and create a chevron pattern to secure smoothed back side area. Add a bit more Gel for your edges if needed.

Step 7 —  BOOM!

A no-wash, wash and go in less than 10 minutes!


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