Women with curly hair can attest to the fact that styling and maintaining it is no easy feat. From controlling spilt ends, to dealing with frizz, curly hair always seems to have a mind of its own. It could be that you need to adopt a new drying regime, or that you’re not getting enough hydration to your curly hair.  Your hair doesn’t have to be the enemy: here are a few tips to taming those curly locks.

Knowing Your Curls

There are so many different types of curl patterns: tight curls, spiral, and wavy hair are just a few categories of many. If you are someone with wavy hair, your curls are loosely defined and have a loose “s shape” as they hang. The hair falls somewhere between curly and straight. Spiral curls” are bouncy coils that have a spring to them, and a defined, tight spiral. But wherever you fall on the curly hair scale, you need to figure out how to best take care of your locks!

Develop a Consistent Hair Care Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to taking care of your curls. Develop a routine and pay close attention to what works for your particular hair and what doesn’t. The products you use on your curls is what will set the tone when it comes to your hair happiness. Shampoo, conditioner, and additional products will be the key to achieving the look and feel you desire, and especially for maintaining the health of your hair. Creating different cocktails of products and determining what works for you is what will take your hair game to the next level. We suggest starting with Curly Hair Solutions Silk Shampoo, Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner, and topping it off with Curl Keeper Original for gorgeous, effortless curls. Continue to experiment with the Curly Hair Solutions and Curl Keeper treatment and styling products to find your optimal hair care concoction to maintain the health and style of your hair.

There is a wide range of products on our website to choose from, such as a silicone-free conditioner, curly hair styling cream products, and the best holding gel for curly hair that you’ll find on the market. Move toward products that hydrate your hair, and work with the natural moisture: this will improve the overall health and style of your curls.

Don’t Believe the Hype When It Comes To Not Using Shampoo

We have all seen the articles and videos of people who swear that ditching their shampoo altogether has helped their hair. Some are even swapping their shampoo for baking soda – do not make this mistake! Our hair endures so much on a daily basis, from pollution to product buildup, that your hair becomes a magnet for dirt and debris. Getting rid of shampoo will just open the door to a pileup of problems and dreadful hair troubles that you do not want. It is suggested that you shampoo your curly hair less frequently than if you had straight hair, but using shampoo when you wash is key to ridding your hair of unwanted buildup, dirt, and bacteria on your hair and scalp. Skipping the cleansing process will result in hair being less likely to absorb hair color, your roots feeling weighed down, and will stunt the hairs ability to grow at an optimal rate. Not washing your hair will also result in your hair looking and feeling dirty.

Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to shampoo, you want to strike the perfect balance between a shampoo that gets rid of the dirt, while keeping the natural strengthening oils that your hair and scalp produces. Curly Hair Solutions’ Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo both work to restore the health of the hair while also making sure to clean the hair and scalp from the day’s dirt. But when you shampoo your hair, it is important to also pay close attention to your scalp. Work the shampoo into the scalp with the balls of your fingers, and avoid covering the ends in shampoo in order to not dry them out. Using a conditioner, and working the conditioner from the ends to the roots, will boost hydration levels in the hair and detangle the hair, making it easier to comb through.

Put Your Old T-Shirts to Use

Anyone with curly hair knows using a towel will create a big frizzy mess of your hair. Try drying your hair off with an old t-shirt. The fabric in a t-shirt is much softer and can dry the hair gently, without roughing up the cuticle of the hair. Pull the old t-shirt up around your hairline, and either scrunch the moisture out, or wrap up your hair in the soft shirt to gently absorb some of the immediate moisture after washing it.

Sleeping Regiment

One great treatment for curly hair is before going to sleep, wrap a satin/silk scarf around the roots, the hairline, and the base of your neck. Covering the roots of your hair will prevent flattening your curls as you sleep. This is a curly hair care tip all of the pros swear by. You’ll thank us when you wake up to face the day with bouncy, healthy, and frizz-free locks.

Styling Wet Hair vs. Dry Hair

When trying to master the shape and look of your curls, do it while the hair is wet rather than dry. Trying to reshape curls once they are dry is far less effective, and a lot of hassle! Working with wet hair will allow you to control the shape of the curls as they dry. This will create a longer-lasting style that will withstand the day or until the next time you style.
Having curly hair is a blessing when you know how to properly take care of it. Frizzy, crispy, or flat hair is never a good look, but if you follow these key tips, you’ll never have to worry about any of those issues. Keep your curls looking their very best by finding a routine that works best for your hair, and sticking with it!

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