Simple Hairstyles for Curly Kids

Getting out the door each morning can feel like a Herculean feat for moms and dads of young children, and parents of curly girls in particular often find themselves scheduling extra time to get their kids’ hair in tip-top shape. But a good daily hair care regimen doesn’t have to be an ordeal – the right styles and products can help parents save time while keeping their children’s natural curls looking great each day.

Here are some simple and quick style ideas that look adorable on curly kids.:

“There’s no limit to what you could try with your child’s hair”
- Jonathan Torch


A signature hairstyle— the ‘Afro puff’ is one of the most popular styles among young curly girls today. Just take a soft brush and pull the hair back into one or more ponytails (which will look like puffs on more coily textures) using fabric hair bands. Use a water/leave-in conditioner spray mix to refresh curls that may have gotten flat and flyaway at bedtime, and you’ve got an easy, cute style that works equally well for playtime and special occasions.


A lot of parents today are experimenting with creative and fun ways to put their own “twist” on this classic look, and the style can keep thick, textured hair in place through a full school day of recess, free play, nap time and gym class. Grab big sections of hair to make two or three twists or loose braids, which saves time and doesn’t pull as much on your little one’s hair when you start the process at the scalp. Twist two or three strands around each other until you run out of hair, and secure the ends with a clip, barrette or soft hair tie. They can easily be redone daily without the need for washing and conditioning. Just undo, apply a moisturizer of your choice, brush or comb, redo and go.


These styles might take a bit of work initially, but once you’re done, you have a ‘do that lasts for weeks with little daily maintenance needed. Set aside some time on a weekend to sit your little ones down, then give them a book, toy, game or other activity to capture their attention for a good period of time. Now put your fingers to work making lots of adorable, small braids across his or her head. Brightly colored beads on the bottom of each braid or cornrow add to the look, and little girls love to swing their hair back and forth. Don’t know how to braid? Check YouTube for video demonstrations of braiding techniques and style ideas.


It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Place an sweet headband on your baby or child’s ‘fro and call it a day! Look for some stretchy and soft ones that won’t put pressure on your little one’s head, and curl-friendly materials like satin that won’t lead to dryness, breakage and pulling. As with the pony puffs, you can refresh the curls with a bit of water and leave-in conditioning spray each morning. You can apply the same technique on a little boy’s hair as well for a great curly ‘fro.


Be creative with haircuts to give a little boy a fun look. If you don’t want to take off all his curls, try trimming from the sides and leaving the top alone for a “frohawk” or hi-top fade. The Internet has a wealth of ideas and curly hair styling tips as well. With pictures, videos and written tutorials, there’s no limit to what you could try with your child’s hair. Happy styling!

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