Six Things you Need to Know about Winter

Curly heads living in a colder climate have a set routine when indoor heating starts to affect their hair. Trims are done, protective styles come out, additional bottles of conditioner and leave-in conditioner are bought, and prayers go up! Our curls change drastically in the winter, which makes it especially important to know how to adjust our styling techniques for the colder weather. Indoor heating is a fact of life in northern climates, but it can be difficult to maintain bouncy, healthy curls when all the moisture in the air and in your hair is being absorbed by indoor heating.

“…you will notice the difference in the health and softness of your curls immediately ”
- Jonathan Torch

To improve the way your hair reacts in the cold winter months, you must learn to balance the moisture that will keep the bounce and volume in your hair. Here are our six top tips to help prepare your hair for winter.

1. Use a Humidifier

Let us introduce you to your new bestie! A humidifier in the room where you sleep at night will be a life-saver for your curls. They add moisture to the air, so you will see a noticeable improvement to your hair and skin thanks to the increased moisture. Instead of waking up in the morning with what seems to feel and look like straw, your hair will have kept a good amount of moisture from the humidifier – and your hair will be much easier to work with in the morning when it’s moisturized!

2. Deep Moisturizing Treatments

Time to double up on the treatments that you use to moisturize your hair. One of our favorites is Pure Silk Protein because it deposits a generous amount of authentic silk protein to the hair without ever leaving a film or buildup. Your hair will be free of rough or dry cuticles, and you will notice the difference in the health and softness of your curls immediately. Be sure to rinse this treatment out thoroughly and use it sparingly - once a week should be fine!

3. Hat head and static

The struggle in the Fall and Winter months between your hair and high turtleneck sweaters, cute scarves, and little hats leaves hair full of static and flat spots! Curl Keeper Tweek™ is an excellent product for this time of year, as it is a great way to control static and flyaway curls. It is also great to scrunch into wet hair to help give some extra hold and shine, and some people even use it as a liquid edger for those stubborn hairs right around their hairline. What we love most about it is how it fixes broken hairstyles caused by hats and hoodies – a definite winter necessity.

4. Go Short and Sassy

Wearing shorter curly hair styles in the cold winter months will provide style freedom. Longer curls are sometimes easier to maintain in warmer, summery climates – especially when you have time to dry your longer hair! So, consider alleviating the excess weight of curly hair, and allow for more bounce for even loose waves or curls. Save length for summer when there is extra moisture in the air, and maybe consider going a bit shorter for the winter months.

5. Know Your Hair

When indoor heating makes curls go flat, you’ve got a couple of options depending on your curl type. For loose curls and waves, scrunching in a bit of Curl Keeper Gel with Original will give you lots of extra hold and frizz control. If you have more of a medium to tight curl, adding a bit of the Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner will give a moisture boost to those areas of your hair that are troublesome and dry like your ends. It’s never a bad idea to have the H2O Water bottle at your desk ready to mist water into your hair, not just to reactivate product but give you some much needed moisture throughout the day!

6. Pump it up

No, we don’t mean your arms, we were thinking more about your hair volume. While styling, to add volume, bend over and hang your hair forward while scrunching product into your hair – and do this for a good minute. Some of our clients even do this for the entire length of their favourite song! Doing this will help tighten looser curls, deepen the “S” formation of the curl, and create more volume and bounce for your curls. Using a diffuser on a low setting, and warm to cool temperatures during this process, will both help speed up drying time without disturbing the curls. The more you play with the curls once they are dry, the bigger and more volumous they get!

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