Women with naturally curly or wavy hair are always battling frizz. It seems that even if you manage to win one day, the frizz may come back to exact its revenge the next. The tips shown here will help you enjoy more frizz-free days filled with shiny, bouncy, defined curls.

Why Is It So Hard to Fight Frizz?

If there’s one thing that everyone with curly hair can agree on, it’s the fact that frizz is their worst adversary. The battle seems endless; some days you win, and some days you lose. In general, frizz tends to occur when you:

  • Have dry hair. Your scalp secretes natural oils that are designed to make their way from the roots to the tips of your hair, keeping it shiny and moisturized. When your hair is overly dry, dry cuticles will raise and separate from the hair – reducing your hair’s ability to hold moisture.
  • Use the wrong shampoo. Shampoos come in hundreds of formulations with thousands of different ingredients. It’s important to choose a shampoo that suits your hair and curl type to keep it properly hydrated.
  • Process your hair too frequently. Treatments like perms, relaxers, dyes, and even heat styling can all damage your hair significantly.
  • Fail to prepare for the weather. Finally, when there’s ample humidity in the air and your hair is not sufficiently moisturized, your cuticles will raise to absorb the moisture it needs. This can cause individual hairs to separate from defined curls, leading to frizz.

Prevention is the Best Medicine – Even for Frizz

Now that you understand the tactics your enemy is using to fight its battle, you can prepare yourself with the right treatments and products. The best tips for preventing frizz are as follows:

  • Don’t shampoo too often. Shampooing too often can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated, making it more susceptible to frizz. Try shampooing every other day instead of daily.
  • Stop blow-drying and straightening daily. Heat damages your hair cuticles, which can cause them to stay raised despite your best efforts to moisturize.
  • Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb while in the shower. To detangle, use a wide-tooth comb in the shower while your hair is saturated with a detangling conditioner. This prevents breakage and allows curls to remain defined.
  • Use the right products. You should use products designed to moisturize your hair and seal the cuticles without the need to use heavy silicones that can pull your curls down. Different curl types require different products.

Different Products for Different Curl Types

There are four primary types of curls: loose, medium, tight, and kinky. Each one is just as gorgeous as the next, but they aren’t all the same, which means they require different types of treatments and products. Here’s what you should know about your hair type and how to choose the right product.

  • Loose – Loose curls require the use of shampoos and conditioners that maintain elasticity and moisture. Detangling products and styling gels will help you protect your hair and maintain well-defined curls all day long.
  • Medium – Medium curls are often called the classic “spiral” curl. It’s important to choose pH-balanced shampoos and conditioners that offer plenty of moisture, and you’ll also need to invest in a good detangler to prevent breakage. Leave-in conditioners and styling gels are also musts.
  • Tight – Tight curls shrink significantly as the hair dries. This type of curl is often drier than the rest, because natural oils can’t travel from the roots to the tips due to the nature of the curl. For this hair type, you’ll need to invest in moisturizing products that never strip your natural oils.
  • Kinky – Kinky curls are often quite rough, and they’re denser than most other types of curls. Because of this, you’ll want products to boost softness, shine, and manageability. Products with added protein will help rebuild your hair cuticle, and you’ll even want to consider a satin nightcap to keep your hair from rubbing against the pillow and creating frizz.

Curly Hair Solutions offers amazing products designed specifically for each individual curl type. Regardless of your curl type, you’ll find all of the products, styling accessories, and creams you need to boost moisture, shine, and definition – and to finally beat frizz – for good!

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