Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair in 2 Easy Steps

We’ve seen such a kinky curl liberation take place over the last several years. From new and creative styling techniques, the emergence of targeted hair products and overall encouragement to accept beautiful kinks for what they are.

“Don’t let this seemingly daunting task scare you, every journey has a start!” 

- Jonathan Torch

For those who are new to the term “transitioning”- it simply means you have made peace with your chemical relaxers, did the big chop and got rid of those straight ends and are starting fresh! For many, this has been a wonderfully enlightening experience so here are 2 simple steps to get you on your way:


The focus here is to work on blending and grouping the tightly coiled roots. Apply Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream to one section of the hair at a time, focusing on the root area. Make sure to comb and pull the product from the root through to the ends, this groups the hair and unravels the new growth of tight coils. Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream will help elongate your curls, giving them shine and moisture.


If you decide not to chop the straight ends off right away, use Curl Keeper Gel on the ends of your hair, this will help to reinforce the ‘s’ formation of the curls. Extra scrunching is necessary to get as close to the curl pattern you have at the root area as possible. Caution: patience is required! Now let your hair dry naturally without touching it…not even a little bit.

We made it our mission here at Curl Keeper to promote innovative styling techniques and amazing pH balanced products for curly hair to help you start your natural hair journey. Don’t let this seemingly daunting task scare you, every journey has a start!

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