Winter Hat Hazards

One of the most frustrating things a curly-head can experience is that once you put on a hat, helmet, hair band, or any other hair accessory, you are committed to keeping it on. Otherwise, you will have a style disaster on your hands – and this is even worse during winter, when indoor heating dries out our hair even more! Unfortunately hairsprays, waxes, pomades, and polishes are not effective for fixing curly hair styles – they sit on top of the hair and they make the style even worse.

“... hats push down the curl formation at the root, which makes your fine curls look ... not styled!” 

- Jonathan Torch

Jonathan developed Tweek™ especially to repair hairstyles broken by hair accessories and hats, and it’s become a go-to for the winter months. As no two curly heads are the same, the techniques needed for success with Tweek™ will vary from one person to the next. But Tweek™ is effective for all categories of curly hair, and meant to rejuvenate your style for day two or day three without needing to get your hair wet during the cold winter months. So we put together a guide on how different curl types can work with Tweek™ to get the best personalized results.

For fine curly hair it is all about rebuilding or "tweeking" your hairstyle starting at the root area. Your ends are fine – hats push down the curl formation at the root, which makes your fine curls look limp, straighter, and not styled! Curly heads know that more movement for your curls results in more volume. Tweek™ has a non-greasy formula that will allow you to apply it in small amounts to the root area and slowly create movement where needed to create volume – you only need a dime-sized amount! The focus is at the root area. Once you have dealt with the roots and worked Tweek™ into your hair, squeeze the rest of the Tweek™ through to the ends with your hands. It helps to flip your hair over forward to reach the scalp.

For thick curly hair, you don’t need more volume! But in winter, Tweek™ will control flyaway hair that pops up at the end of a day, or on day two or three. To deal with those flyaways, rub Tweek™ between your hands and smooth it gently onto the outer layer of your hair – this will control the flyaways. For extremely thick hair, use a generous amount and squeeze through to the ends as if you were going to make a pony tail. Then, let go and allow your hair to settle on its own.

Other scenarios where you can use Tweek™:

Wearing hats, helmets or hoodies. These are among the greatest offenders that will flatten curls and hairstyles. Spread your hands widely, and use a large amount of Tweek™ to drag your fingers through the scalp area. Once at the root area close your fingers and make a tight grip at the scalp. Use a little bit of movement, shake your hands a bit while holding onto the roots of your hair, and you will immediately lift and fix your hairstyle.

Ponytails: Curly heads have a tendency to stretch their curls out when pulling their hair back into a pony tail. This weakens the curls, especially around the face area. When going from a pony tail back to your regular style, apply Tweek™ throughout the full strand of the hair. Straight sections will require more attention. Squeeze and scrunch your hair in your palm – as if you were scrunching your hair for diffusing - and hold for a couple of seconds, allowing time for the curl to reform. Hang your head over forward and squeeze the curls into place. This will give you the curl and style you are looking for.

For extremely flat and overstretched hair, you will need the help of our Roller Jaw Clamps to reform your curl. Dampen your hair or the Roller Jaw Clamp and proceed with the Tweek™ application to create lift and support at the root area and fix your style.

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